Professor Yan has authored or co-authored approximately 300 articles and textbook chapters. He has an h-index of 49 and approximately 8400 citations. Throughout his career, he has always aimed for the highest integrity towards clinical data, as he strongly advocates evidence-based medicine, rigorously pursues high-level evidence, continually publishes research articles in high-impact journals and actively promotes wide dissemination of research information in a timely, accurate and scientific manner.

At least 50 of his papers have been published in journals with an impact factor above 4 and in the majority of these he is the first, or the corresponding author. A list of Professor Yan's publications can be viewed here. His Collaborative Research (CORE) group is amongst the most productive in the world of clinical research and evidence synthesis in surgery, with a specific focus on cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. He has personally trained each member of his team in systematic review, meta-analysis, propensity score analysis and academic writing. He is a supervisor of PhD Fellows. He also provides clinical teaching and mentoring to the junior surgical registrars, preparing them for the next level of their clinical responsibility.

Professor Yan runs a bi-annual hands-on course is to train young surgeons on how to perform minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgical procedures, utilizing a human cadaver model in Sydney, London and South East Asia. The Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgical course focuses on thoracoscopic/robotic thoracic surgery, minimally invasive valvular surgery, minimal access aortic surgery and transcatheter procedures.

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