Professor Yan is the Chairman of "Collaborative Research (CORE) Group International", which runs the world largest multi-institutional Aortic Arch Projects, involving 36 leading aortic centers from 10 countries ( and the VATS Lobectomy Consensus Group, involving 50 world experts in Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery. The CORE Group consists of a number of organised divisions with specific focus and experience in various aspects of medical research. These include three main focal areas of research excellence: ARCH Projects, VATS Projects, and Sutureless Valve Projects. These divisions encapsulates a holistic, evidence-driven, and patient-focused approach towards research that is synonymous with the CORE Group. Synergistic collaborations with Australian and international research networks solidifies the significance of the CORE Group on the global stage.

Our Vision

To become the premier research hub for evidence-based medicine, surgical innovations, and continuous medical education in Australia. 

Our Mission 

To improve the survival and quality of life of patients by promoting collaborative research, evidence-based medicine, surgical innovations and continuous medical education in cardiovascular surgery, thoracic surgery and oncology.

Our Values


We pursue a respectful attitude towards international colleagues and operate as a cohesive and highly networked research organization in cardiovascular, thoracic and oncologic surgery


We respect scientific evidence and are rigorous in conducting clinical research


We promote the development of medical technology and advocate for improvements in healthcare


We encourage translational incorporation of research findings into clinical guidelines


We emphasise training the next generation of students, researchers, and health care professionals



ARCH Projects

VATS Consensus

Clinical Guidelines